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You've written the letter, the report, the proposal, the paper. But you're not sure about your grammar, format, organization or maybe even if what you've said is clear. Do you send it anyway and hope for the best, knowing the difference between you and your competition could depend on it? Or do you take that one final step to make sure it represents you at your best?

Or you've written something for a lay audience--ad copy, a presentation, a sales letter--but can't get out of the technical jargon with which you are so familiar because you're a professional in the field. Do you expect the readers or listeners in your lay audience to figure it out for themselves? Or do you take the extra step to be sure your communication is clearly understood?

  • Business editing - proposals, letters, reports, marketing copy, newsletters, articles, PowerPoint presentations
  • Translation of technical, jargon-filled writing to writing for lay readers or listeners
  • Academic writing (but not student papers)
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Fiction and non-fiction manuscripts
Key Benefits
  • Flawless, professional appearance
  • Clear communication of your ideas and message
  • Time and worry saved
  • On-time delivery

    Half the battle in writing is organization, creating a flow so your reader knows where he's going, where he is and where he's been. Without strong organization, your argument or description won't resonate in the mind of the reader. Signposts, transitions, sectioning, graceful quotations--all will help guide your reader through your content. We bring fresh eyes to your project and can tell whether your ideas are coming across in a logical way or not. We'll join in the cheering if it is and help you fix it if it's not.


    It's important to keep your audience in mind. How knowledgeable are your readers about your subject? How long do you have to catch their attention before they move on to the next thing? How can you capture their attention and spur them to act?


    We can help with MLA and AP styles, as well as others. Proper use of white space, headings, citations, quotations, tables, charts and graphs are all details that can make the difference between your work's looking professional and readable or looking impenetrable, incomprehensible and dull.

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